Obama’s First 100 Days

by Benjamin Domenech on 12:55 am March 7, 2008

>> Mike Gerson has a fascinating piece in the NY Sun on Obama’s First 100 Days. Best thing he’s written since coming to the WaPo Writers Group: “Obama’s Oval Office speech to the nation on Iraq is initially more successful. As promised, he orders a phased, unconditional withdrawal of combat forces, beginning “not in six months or one year — now.” American troops will no longer be embedded in Iraqi combat units or used to combat Iranian influence (all pledges made during his campaign). Many Americans cheer. But the next day, The Post reports stunned disbelief among the troops. A high-ranking officer observes, “The surest way to break the morale of the military is to undo its achievements and humiliate it on the verge of success.” Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni allies react with panic at another sign of American unsteadiness and retreat from the region. Armed groups of Sunnis and Shiites within Iraq begin preparing for a resumption of sectarian conflict. An intercepted al-Qaeda communication talks of “so much defeat, exhaustion and death — and then, praise be, this unexpected victory!” Obama’s 100-day agenda would be designed, in part, to improve America’s global image. But there is something worse than being unpopular in the world — and that is being a pleading, panting joke.”

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