Brett Favre Could’ve Been Better if Ted Thompson Wasn’t a Cheapskate

by Benjamin Domenech on 11:33 pm March 9, 2008

>> Some things change, some things change the same: Sal Paolantonio is still a brating fool (we eagerly await your paean to Donovan McNabb, greatest QB evah!), and Aaron Schatz is brilliant and accurate.  What really comes into perspective with Favre’s retirement is the poor choices the Packers made as a franchise over the past few years – GM Ted Thompson has drafted well, for the most part, but consider what the Packers offense would’ve looked like this year with underperforming rookie RB Brandon Jackson as the central contributor (Thompson’s second round choice), as opposed to the diamond-in-the-rough Ryan Grant, who they got purely for depth.  For a team that has the money to spend and a QB with the juice to get them to the playoffs consistently, their Free Agent choices are just batty at points: in 2001, 2002, and 2004, they signed one free agent or less, all while letting Favre’s all-pro line walk with less than adequate replacements (Favre lost three out of five linemen, the entire center of his line, to free agency in his last three years in the league). Don’t get me wrong – they have a good young team in Green Bay, and the potential to be successful this year (Aaron Rodgers walks in as the second best starting QB in the division compared to Grossman and Jackson, maybe the best if Kitna comes back to earth), but with a great like Favre, a dominant o-line, and cap room to make some moves, you’d have thought they’d choose to load up for a run before #4 retired.  Making a run doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, but it does mean you should invest in a bit more (and more wisely) on defense than DE Joe Johnson and S Mark Roman over the course of three years, neither of whom is still with the team. If they’d made moves like they did in 2006 to get CB Charles Woodson and DT Ryan Pickett a few years earlier, the Packers might’ve made it to a few more NFC championship games in that time.

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