Romney v. Perry: Regional Candidates?

by Benjamin Domenech on 5:38 pm September 7, 2011

One of the questions regarding the latest polling on the Republican race has to be the status of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry as regional candidates – whether each can compete feasibly outside of their traditional geography.

Here’s the latest data on that point from the Washington Post poll this week. First with Palin, then without.

Essentially, Romney and Perry’s numbers in the South are unchanged with or without Palin: 20/21 percent for Romney, 40/41 percent for Perry. The net non-South figures are slightly more liquid: 24/27 for Romney, 19/21 for Perry. But it’s the West where larger shift happens: 28/34 for Romney, a six point jump, and 23/26 for Perry.

My curiosity here is what Perry’s identification is like in the West, as it seems he has plenty of opportunities to appeal to that contingent. More interesting is the fact that Romney wins only one category among the ideological identifiers: his margin among self-identified Moderate/Liberal Republicans is 29% to Perry’s 12%, while Perry’s alignment is 37% to Romney’s 20% among self-identified Conservatives.

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