Huntsman's Outsourced New Media Work?

by Benjamin Domenech on 12:43 pm May 26, 2011

Here’s an odd little online issue for Jon Huntsman’s embryonic campaign effort. An Iowa blog stumbles onto an interesting job request on ODesk, which Ben Smith posts about here.

A liberal Iowa political blog this morning came across an interesting posting on a website tech sorts use to outsource work, often overseas: A posting searching for the Google Analytics code for the parody site

The same person seemed to be looking to hire overseas developers, prompting the speculation that Huntsman is outsourcing his campaign to India, or something along those lines.

Not so, says H PAC’s Tim Miller: “The account in question is a personal account owned by a programmer H Pac has contracted with. The job listings are for other projects and are not related to Huntsman or H Pac.”

“He was searching for the owner under his own volition — obviously, since a Democratic operative publicly took credit for it,” Miller writes. [The owner, as I reported a while ago, is one Mike Link.]

So let me understand this: H PAC hired a programmer was posting jobs under his own volition, including other job listings are for other campaign/political clients, not Huntsman or H PAC. But one of those jobs involved hiring someone to look into a question of profound interest to Huntsman and H PAC – namely, what other sites the Democrat operative who owns (a splash page attack featuring Huntsman’s “love note” to Obama) has set up. Finding out if the same Democrat who owns that site has also set up other attack pages would certainly be worth knowing, especially if it could be exploited by the campaign.

Here’s my question: if someone had taken the job, who would have paid that $1,000 fee and $500 bonus? Programmers are frugal people, as a rule. Would this one really have offered that amount out of his own pocket, just motivated by curiosity? Why?

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