Abortion Money in Politics

by Benjamin Domenech on 6:14 am September 21, 2010


The indispensable Tim Carney at the DC Examiner shares a new CRP report, and makes a point about abortion and political donations that I suspect few conservatives recognize:

Many people don’t realize this, but — compared to other single-issue groups — pro-choice money is consistently one of the biggest, while pro-life money is nearly non-existent.

Indeed, it’s really not comparable. Open Secrets provides a handy comparison illustrating the wide gap between the two sides in political donations. Single-issue pro-choice donations in 2008 totaled around $3.25M, while pro-life donations totaled $1.35M.

One truth, of course, is that pro-life funding has gone more to the social space than the political over the past several years, which is one reason why the numbers have moved so much on the issue. Political spending is not, however, reflective of that reality.

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