Missouri and Obamacare

by Benjamin Domenech on 8:16 am August 4, 2010


In Missouri on Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly expressed their opposition to President Obama’s sweeping health care reforms, passing Proposition C by a 3-1 margin. This is just the first of many similar state ballot questions, and the message it sends is clear.

The political leadership in Washington has declared that health care policy in America is a decided issue — that President Obama’s reforms are here to stay. They say we ought to just get used to our new health care reality — where, as Majority Leader Harry Reid put it recently, a government-run public option is not a matter of if, but “just a question of when,” or as expressed by Donald Berwick, our new recess-appointed head of Medicare and Medicaid, we “don’t trust market forces,” but “leaders with plans.”

These Washington elites say the path forward is decided — the debate, they claim, is over. But the people of Missouri have a message for them, a reminder of the way things really work: in America, the voters decide when it’s over.

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