Harry Reid: "I don’t see how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican"

by Benjamin Domenech on 5:53 am August 11, 2010


“I don’t see how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay?” says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Well, that’s an indication of how he thinks: racism is an inherently collectivist viewpoint — it slams masses of people into categories and groups based only on the color of their skin, instead of viewing them as unique individuals capable of having widely varied and diverse opinions.

At least the late Robert Byrd had the excuse of just being an honest-to-Klan racist in the old school — Reid has no such excuse, and this isn’t the first time he’s engaged in these clumsy games of racial politics which turns every Hispanic into an immigrant. Dave Freddoso notes several of the prominent Republican Latinos running this cycle within the Republican Party — one of whom, Brian Sandoval, is dominating Reid’s son Rory in the race for Nevada governor. I’d wonder how Reid will possibly get along with a Senator Marco Rubio in the Chamber as a daily flabbergast, but that would of course require Papa Reid to still be in the Senate.

An ancestor of mine, Manuel Domenech, was a founding member of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico. A civil engineer and an administrator, he served in the first legislature after the Spanish American war, and went on to serve as head of the Interior Department, treasurer, and acting governor more than once. His name is on dozens of buildings and streets around Puerto Rico, particularly Ponce, where he served as mayor.

Manuel was a Republican for a number of reasons, and I think he’d be proud of the fact that his family respects that heritage still today, instead of bowing to vile little remarks from small men like Harry Reid.

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