Bristol Palin: Dancing With the Stars

by Benjamin Domenech on 6:14 am August 31, 2010


Bristol Palin will apparently join the cast of Dancing With the Stars on ABC next year, completing a roster that includes The Jersey Shore’s “The Situation,” Audrina Patridge, Margaret Cho, David Hasselhoff, Kurt Warner, Brandy and others.

Shockingly in its 11th season as a broadcast — itself a sign that the seals have been opened, and the horseman cometh — this bit of rubbernecking idiocy really ought to be named “Dancing With the Cast of an Asylum Movie.” Here’s the quote from the casting director about young Bristol:

“At the core, these are all really good people. I’ve talked to Bristol a lot, and she’s lovely. She’s this sweet girl-woman. She’s very mature for her age. A lot has clearly happened to her in just a few years. She’s the only person that after I asked her to be on the show, she drove herself from Alaska. It took her five days. She’s totally self-sufficient. She’s not scared. She just moved yesterday. Her son’s moving down here, and I expect her parents to visit, and she’s a great addition to the cast. I don’t think you’ve heard her talk that much. She’s a great 19-year-old girl with her head totally on her shoulders.”

Generational goals shift for young Americans — for some people, the aspiration to be reality TV stars, famous for being themselves instead of actually doing anything, actually appeals. People magazine famously dithered about whether talking about Chelsea Clinton was even allowed during the impeachment hearings — but Chelsea was majoring in History at Stanford when she was 19. Kristin Gore was an editor of the Harvard Lampoon. And at the same age, Bristol Palin is ensuring her permanent existence in that weird class of pseudo-celebrity. Maybe she enjoys it?

“But I can DANCE.”

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