Why Does Dick Wadhams Keep Getting Hired?

by Benjamin Domenech on 11:21 am July 26, 2010


Has any Republican consultant over the past few years had a speedier fall from grace than Dick Wadhams? From the high point of the John Thune election, after which he was hailed by some (not many of them Republicans) as “Rove’s heir apparent”, Wadhams has proceeded to run work for a series of politicians who have mismanaged gaffes or decided to retire as opposed to face off against difficult opponents. Emulating the Thune campaign is a good thing — but emulating the political paths of George Allen, Wayne Allard, Conrad Burns? Not so much.

Now Wadhams is facing a third party candidate in Tom Tancredo in Colorado, and already it appears clear he’s mishandling the situation.

Tancredo and Wadhams had an all-out-brawl on Peter Boyles’ KHOW radio station show this morning, screaming at each other and calling each other “liars.”

Tancredo said Wadhams called McInnis “untrustworthy” in a private conversation, which Wadhams denied.

“I’m trying my level best to do what’s necessary for the conservatives in this state,” Tancredo said.

“Would you withdraw your candidacy if a stronger candidate emerges?” Wadhams asked.

“If I get into it I have to get into it as hard as I can,” Tancredo responded.

“What’s your agenda? What are you going to talk about? Impeach Obama and bomb Mecca?” Wadhams asked.

Look, this is a softball situation — Wadhams should know that his job is too deflate Tancredo’s campaign, not cause its supporters to coalesce. That last line is particularly cringeworthy, only serving to make the Tancredo supporters more dedicated and perhaps cause people who think Tancredo is wrong but not that wrong think twice about him.

Also, someone ought to tell Wadhams to clean up his Wikipedia page.

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