Three Conferences of Note

by Benjamin Domenech on 10:28 pm July 1, 2010


For your consideration: three conferences of note. First, in Las Vegas on July 23-24, the Right Online conference. Second, in Austin, Texas in September, Redstaters from far and wide will be on hand for the now-annual meeting. And Peter Lawler is hosting a conference at Berry College in Georgia on November 4-5, heralded as an examination of the intersection of science and virtue. Speakers include Thomas Hibbs, Larry Arnhart, Diana Schaub and Jeffrey Bishop. If you’re interested in attending, contact Peter Lawler at plawler[at]

As an aside, I encourage you to read Lawler’s essay in The City from last summer on “Solzhenitsyn and our Future.” I particularly like this passage:

I tell my students I want to enroll them in my two-point program for saving Medicare. First, they need to start smoking and really stick with it. Second, they need to start making babies, and I mean right now, this week. So far I haven’t been persuasive enough to get them with the program. But members of the Greatest Generation, in effect, did. They had lots of kids and gave very little thought to risk factors. They often smoked like chimneys, enjoyed multiple martinis, and only exercised for fun. The excellent TV series Mad Men, featuring advertising executives in 1960, displays the unhealthy habits of highly successful Americans for our horror. Don’t you idiots know you’re killing yourselves! They really did drop dead much earlier and more often, without drawing a dime of Social Security or (after 1962) Medicare, but not before generating several replacements to fund those programs for the future. Our whole medical safety net is premised on demographics that have disappeared and aren’t likely to return, and that’s because, for good and bad, we’re more narcissistic than people used to be.

Read it here.

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