The Inception Mashups

by Benjamin Domenech on 8:43 am July 30, 2010


My vote for the best Inception mashup has to go for the combination with Up — first, because unlike most Pixar creations which inhabit just the universe of the fantastical, the film itself blends of the tragedy of the real (the old man, the dead wife, the dream of a lost world) with the boundless, colorful bizarre (the floating house, the bird, Dug). And second, because it includes and wonderfully times what I consider the most ominous gesture ever displayed in Pixar’s wondrous pantheon: the blank-faced man in the suit placing his hand atop the fence. It’s a frightening declaration of ownership, and fits perfectly.

There are, as with any meme, a host of other competitors — most notably Dora the Explorer:

And, of course, Toy Story 3:

But Up still takes the prize — an imaginary cake, which I will deliver via dream to Pete Docter and Bob Paterson.

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