Louisiana's Democrat Lt. Gov. Blasts Obama's Offshore Policy

by Benjamin Domenech on 6:58 am July 22, 2010


The best hits from Scott Angelle, Democrat lieutenant governor of Louisiana, railing against the White House’s six month drilling moratorium:

“America is not yet ready to get all of its fuel from the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.”

“This moratorium on drilling only accomplishes the loss of American jobs, the dependence of more oil from unfriendly nations, and makes America less competitive in this global economy.”

“Mr. President, I get the fact that you don’t like oil and gas companies, but this moratorium does not hurt the stock holders of BP or Exxon or Chevron, this moratorium is hurting the Cheramies and the Callais and the Dupuis and the Boudreauxs and the Thibodeauxs.”

This is getting out of hand, and fast. (Updated with better video.) As for Bobby Jindal, he had this to say:

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