Sullivan's Folly

by Benjamin Domenech on 8:22 am June 4, 2010


Via Ace, I see that the once well-respected blogger turned amateur gynecologist Andrew Sullivan has now turned his blog into an “Online Cry for Help.” His latest post:

Sadly Yes

I had a dream last night that I was lost in Sarah Palin’s garden. It was springtime, and there were bluebells everywhere. I suddenly realized where I was and tried to get out to the street. But there was just more garden …

While not a professional in this field, I would gladly analyze this dream, both for its wealth of Freudian imagery and the interesting fact that Sullivan does not refers to it as “dream” rather than a “nightmare” (perhaps yearning for subjugation to the mighty Palin uterus?). But I far prefer the poem Andrew emailed me randomly the other day.

I dreamt last night of floating
Naked, hairless, weightless
A warm darkness enveloped me
And in the distance, sound
The heartbeat of the world
I danced with the abandon
I normally reserve for early ABBA
It was heaven, but then
I heard it gash through my Eden
That shrill, fascistic soprano
“You betcha”
To my screams, I awoke

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