Sportswriter Kevin Blackistone: Boycott Israel

by Benjamin Domenech on 5:33 am June 10, 2010


The last time we saw sports personality Kevin Blackistone (of ESPN’s execrable shouting columnist circle-jerk “Around the Horn”) stumping for boycotts, it was his call for sports leagues to boycott Arizona for their decision to empower local police officers to enforce immigration laws — a step supported by an extreme right-wing 73% of Americans.

Perhaps searching for a more appealing target, Blackistone has now called for an international sports boycott of Israel in the wake of their enforcement of sanctions against the infamous flotilla. Blackistone says he’s not interested in boycotting individual Jewish athletes, just any team representing “deadly occupation of Palestinians.”

I once heard Blackistone go on an extended rant on a local sports radio show about how all sports is political because of the “militaristic” use of the national anthem before games. If he sees no slippery slope involved here, where the international community hammers away at the usual targets (should the U.S. have been banned from the Olympics for the war in Iraq?), it’s just a sign of his grating naivete.

Or if that’s not his excuse, well, like Badeaux wrote, Israel just inspires heroism in everyone. Helen Thomas would approve.

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