Rick Perry on the Tenth Amendment

by Benjamin Domenech on 5:04 pm June 16, 2010


I talked with Texas Governor Rick Perry in our latest podcast, brought to you by FreedomPub.org. You can listen to it here:

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I had the opportunity to speak with Governor Perry a few months ago, when he told me he’s interested in leading what he describes as a “very strong 10th Amendment movement” in America:

What I’m interested in is being a leader in a very strong 10th Amendment movement in this country, working with other governors who share that passion, and working with whoever we choose as our leaders in 2010 and hopefully our president in 2012. I want to work with whoever will stand up and say Washington has gotten too big, become too intrusive, become too costly, and we need to respond.

We need to do what it takes to make the states once again into laboratories of innovation, and that will put America back on the road to recovery, not with centralized government and massive spending in Washington, DC. We need to get back to having fifty states competing against each other, encouraging prosperity. That’s what I’m interested in. If we’re going to become a powerful country, a powerful economy again, I think that’s what has to happen, and I’m going to be looking for whoever can take us there.

This week he took the time to talk with me a bit more about his views on government, and his response to the passage of Obamacare.

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