Arnold Schwarzenegger's Busted Ballot

by Benjamin Domenech on 4:28 pm June 8, 2010


Schwarzenegger's D'oh Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently had to recast his ballot today in California’s 2010 primaries, because he’d filled out the US Senate box for two different candidates:

Poll worker Keta Hodgson says a scanning machine rejected Schwarzenegger’s first ballot Tuesday because he selected two Senate candidates, instead of one.

My total conjecture, based on zero knowledge of the situation, is that he probably filled in both Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina, perhaps forgetting that Campbell had jumped from the gubernatorial race to the Senate. I can see no reason why Schwarzenegger — the most unpopular governor in California history, but still an enjoyable guy to share a cigar with during an Olympic hockey game — would cast a vote for the conservative in the race, Chuck DeVore. After all, DeVore stands for all the kind of principled fiscal conservatism Ahnuld has rejected, time and again, in California.

The others, well. Arnold likes them both!

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