You Don't Need to Read Laws Before Criticizing Them

by Benjamin Domenech on 8:29 pm May 17, 2010


Meet Adam Serwer, blogger for the Center for American Progress, who’s awfully fun. And just like Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, he thinks it’s fine to criticize that infamous Arizona law without taking twenty minutes to, you know, read it. Neat!

Yes, apparently instead of the AZ law. RT @AdamSerwer: Takeaway is that Eric Holder reads @theprospect.

@bdomenech cute, but nominal “color-blindness” in AZ law won’t change what it is in intended to be in practice.

@AdamSerwer What’s cute is that he’d admit not reading the law before criticizing it. I mean, it’s 10 pages.

@bdomenech immigration enforcement has typically been providence of federal govt. Don’t need to read the law to know that.

@AdamSerwer So why did Holder promptly promise to go home tonight and read it? If, as you say, he doesn’t need to read it to criticize.

@bdomenech doesn’t need to read it to note there might be a problem, he does before making a decision about what DoJ will do. Obvious, no?

@AdamSerwer Ok. If AG doesn’t have to read before criticizing, just hope you have same attitude toward people criticizing health care law.

@bdomenech More sympathetic than I am towards people who introduce complete non-sequiturs into arguments.

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