Virgil Goode's Parties

by Benjamin Domenech on 2:17 pm May 4, 2010


The tobacco-chewing Virgil Goode has reportedly joined the Constitution Party as he considers a political comeback in Virginia’s fifth district. Goode was elected to the State Senate at the ripe age of 27, ran for the Senate unsuccessfully in 1982 and 1994, then got elected to Congress in 1996. After spending a term and a half as a conservative Blue Dog Democrat, Goode became one of the few party-switchers in the wake of the Clinton impeachment after voting for three of the four articles against the President. Goode promptly won re-election as an Independent in 2000, before converting to a Republican label in 2002. Prior to his loss in 2008 by roughly 750 votes, Goode had never received less than 59% of the vote.

So here’s my question, paging the Bradley-award winning (congrats!) mentat Michael Barone: Goode won that district as a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican. Has anyone won the same Congressional district as a candidate of four different political parties?

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