Sports Bloggers Want to Know About Health Care, Too

by Benjamin Domenech on 2:29 pm April 1, 2010


Josh Zerkle of With Leather and KSK asked me to join his latest podcast about how health care reform will translate to the lives of normal people. Here are a few notes for followup:

-It’s false to suggest that insurance companies are ever able to legally drop people from plans for getting sick. The health care reform just adds an additional fine for the same offense.

-A few questions were asked about physician shortages. Within the next two decades, 78 million baby boomers will join Medicare, and 32 million people will get coverage – half from Medicaid. That means higher demand and lower reimbursements across the board. We already have plenty of data about the numbers of physicians who intend to retire, including 46% of primary care physicians. Expect shortages.

-I referenced the horrible situation in Canada regarding organ donation: in British Columbia last year, organs were collected from only 54 people. They’ve got problems too, just different ones.

Jonathan Turley has a piece on the constitutional question this morning at USA Today.

Will the formerly uninsured (if they obey the law) stop going to the ER now? I doubt it.

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