Episcopalians Reject Capitalism, Sell Church to Imam

by Benjamin Domenech on 9:21 am April 12, 2010


It always amuses me when organizations and firms are so determined not to sell to someone they dislike, they’ll behave completely irrationally — bending over backwards and slashing their prices even when a higher offer is on the table. Here’s an example of that sort of behavior from the Episcopal Church, whose schism with American Anglicans has been a major drag on finances.

Essentials: in Binghamton, New York, a congregation of these breakoff conservative Anglicans lost a court battle to keep their buildings, so they offered $150,000 to the Episcopal Bishop of New York to purchase them. Instead, the Diocese chose to sell the Church of the Good Shepherd to an Imam for a mere $50,000, to create an Islamic Awareness Center. They’ve already taken the crosses out and repainted the doors from blood red to green. The priest in charge of the former church blogs:

After Communion and the blessing, we stripped the altar, deconsecrated it, emptied the ambry (yes we had one), and blew out the tabernacle candle. Somehow the ash from the censor spilled out in a smear across the altar steps. The congregation left in silence.

If only the Episcopalians valued capitalism more.

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