Obama's Offshore Drilling Decision: More Good Than Bad

by Benjamin Domenech on 2:35 pm March 31, 2010


The announcement today that President Obama is opening more areas to offshore drilling is good news, and the allowance for Virginia’s drilling program is a big win for Gov. Bob McDonnell, who benefited from the fact that both of the Commonwealth’s Democrat Senators support off-shore drilling (as always, full disclosure: I have family members who work for McDonnell). If environmentalists have a problem with this decision, I suggest they talk to Messrs. Webb and Warner.

As is typically the case, Michelle Malkin’s kneejerk reaction is bizarre and obtuse on this point. It’s easy to forget that a year ago, no one thought McDonnell’s campaign promise of drilling would come through. The decision regarding Alaska’s planned sales is unwise, but Obama could easily have banned offshore drilling entirely.

Instead, the White House has moved toward a more moderate position. There are still questions to be answered about revenue sharing, but Congress can do that (Rep. Bob Goodlatte has a bill on this point). The only “delays” in question here are fulfilling environmental regulatory obligations.

As a whole, this is movement in the right direction. This is not an act of “deception,” and it should be applauded.

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