Lee Siegel on Redstate

by Benjamin Domenech on 5:26 pm March 27, 2010


Tina Brown’s Daily Beast is entertaining, in that high-grade supermarket gab mag sort of way. They’ve got some good writers there from the left and center-left (Dana Goldstein, Benjamin Sarlin, Chris Buckley). But it’s hard to view them as a serious outlet for reporting when one of their top stories today is “10 Classic Nudist Scandals.”

I was talking with a bigwig at ABC News about the site last year, and told him that I just couldn’t see its rationale (does zaftig straw blonde Meghan McCain really play well in column form? Can’t they balance serious talk with celeb gossip better than HuffPo?). He just smiled and said, “The thing to understand about that site is — it’s very, very Tina.”

In any case: TDB’s Lee Siegel has a piece on Redstate, calling it The New Republican War Room worth reading as “Conservatives in the Mist” stories go. Of course, Erick Erickson didn’t found Redstate in a coffee shop in 2004; user “chuckdevore” happens to be a candidate for Senate in California; and maybe people aren’t playing down the hate on purpose, just being honest about what they think?

But the Sinclair Lewis and Arthur Miller references, oh, that’s very Tina.

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