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by Benjamin Domenech on 11:38 am November 17, 2009

the conquered land

We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to The New Ledger’s blog family, a foreign policy group blog featuring leading voices providing informed commentary on the world. We’ll have an official roster of contributors shortly, but many of them are regular contributors to TNL already, and this venue should provide them a better opportunity to contribute thoughts on the news of the day.

We thought about several potential names for this new outlet, but settled on this one. Thinking about the matter inspired me to dig up an old quote I’ve always loved from Reinhard Meyers, as quoted by J.L. Richardson, on the false lessons of World War II’s inception:

“The actors in the drama appear only as personified images, no longer as real persons. Those men with the stiff collars appear as the embodiment of character–types reflected in a momentous spectacle—the man of Munich, who confronts the armed might of Germany with an umbrella, draws back in terror and gives way, because he lacks courage and determination….The drama has a villain (Hitler) and a sinner (Chamberlain)—what more does one need to explain the outbreak of war in 1939, especially when the supporting roles are played by lesser villains such as Mussolini and Stalin, and lesser sinners like Beck and Daladier.”

The world is often more complicated than we can understand or acknowledge, yet simple in its fundamental motivations. This is a blog for discussing such things. This is Hegemon.

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