Obama's Big Health Care Speech to Congress

by Benjamin Domenech on 9:28 am September 9, 2009

Coffee and Markets

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Francis Cianfrocca joins Ben Domenech for the Wednesday, September 9th edition of Coffee & Markets, a series of brief morning podcasts on politics and the marketplace.

Today’s podcast focuses on the President’s health care remarks and the collapse of America’s consumer credit.

Items discussed include:

And the statement we reference from my health care column is:

The President has realized that his still-vague plans for shifting America’s health insurance system toward increased governmental control are running aground, is turning once again to his reliable tactics of the 2008 campaign: delivering what is billed as a big, important speech in front of people who adore him — in this case, his dominant majorities in the House and Senate.

To advance the debate, the President must move beyond where he is today — until then, his specifics remain non-specific, his policies platitudes. Instead, he apparently will pin his hopes on the belief that the American people will be distracted by a new, shiny bow atop a gift basket of rotten fruit. This sideshow speech may be smart politics — but on an issue of such importance to millions of Americans, it is no way to govern responsibly. Marketing exercises are never a substitute for policymaking.

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