Podcast: Urbaniak and Domenech on Comic Con 2009 and More

by Benjamin Domenech on 8:50 pm July 22, 2009

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Special guest James Urbaniak — the mellifluously voiced star of stage, screen, and The Venture Bros — joins Ben Domenech Urbaniak and Domenech: The Sequel for a podcast sequel (hear the original here), featuring a discussion on Hollywood, character actors, San Diego’s Comic Con 2009, and The Venture Bros.

(Please excuse any technical blips, as Ben’s mic had sensitivity issues).

Items discussed or referenced therein include:

Comic Con 2009

Henry Fool at Crackle

Henry Fool at IMDB

Terry Teachout on Alec Guinness

Ruggles of Red Gap trailer

Charles Laughton recites the Gettysburg Address

Charles Laughton in Witness For the Prosecution

The Ladykillers trailer

Alec Guinness: “What have I done.”

Stiller on Dodgeball: “It’s layered, it was made like that.”

IMDB on Comic Con 2009

Cinematical on Comic Con 2009

R. Sikoryak’s Masterpiece Comics

Urbaniak and The Venture Bros crew at New York’s Comic Con 2008 Adult Swim panel

Sequels are always better. Listen and learn!

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