GQ's Robert Draper's Odd, Vague Attacks on Donald Rumsfeld

by Benjamin Domenech on 10:45 am May 21, 2009

Five basic questions: We were struck by Maddow’s absurd analysis because we’d spent a bit of time reading Draper’s report—and marveling at the vagueness of its central claims. For ourselves, we’ve studied under Professor Ceci Connolly—and we’ve learned some valuable lessons from the good doctor. One lesson: If a professional writer fails to state his basic “facts”—if instead he only implies them—this may perhaps be taken to mean that the “facts” in question ain’t so. In such ways, Connolly ginned up endless tales during 1999 and 2000. We thought we might be smelling similar practices as we read Draper’s report. (Though of course we simply don’t know.)

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