Charlie Rose Interviews Timothy Geithner

by Benjamin Domenech on 7:31 am March 11, 2009

ROSE: Tim Geithner is here. As treasury secretary, he is at the center of what some economists — most economists call the worst economic crisis since the great depression. Since he took office just over six weeks ago, he has confronted a series of grave challenges. He has led the effort to stabilize U.S. banks and shore up the housing and credit markets. The treasury is also drafting regulatory reforms to stop Wall Street accesses from reoccurring. At the same time, financial markets have continued their steep decline. Before Mr. Geithner was appointed by President Obama, he was head of the New York Federal Reserve. In that post, he helped design rescue plans for Bear Sterns, AIG, and Citigroup. He was also there when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. I am pleased to have him on this program for the first time. Welcome.

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