Republicans Love South Park: Definitive Proof from Nielsen

by Benjamin Domenech on 11:18 am December 21, 2008

I am rapidly becoming a total addict to the Nielsen Wire blog, which today posted perhaps their most useful and practical survey information of all time: charting how Republicans and Democrats watch TV. While some of the differences are exaggerated, there were some notable differences – particularly on one show that’s near and dear to my heart.

As might be expected, however, several programs had clear partisan bents.  On Comedy Central, for example, Democratic viewers paid the most attention to “The Colbert Report,” while “South Park” was the network’s most engaging show among Republicans.

Mediaweek has more. I don’t need more prompting, though, to repost something from last season about South Park at Redstate 2.0. You can read the original post here, with comments.

I know not all of you are South Park fans. I’m a huge fan of their work, and as RS editors know, I try to force them all to watch the episodes and marvel at the phenomenal social commentary hidden behind a layer of the absurd and/or the obscene.

The South Park guys aren’t conservatives – they’re libertarians. But they’re awesome libertarians. They hate the global warming preachers, NAMBLA, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, and save some of their strongest bile for the celebrity political activists – George Clooney, Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Streisand. They can’t stand politically correct authoritarians and they authored the definitive anti-9/11-truthers response (which actually ends up being kinda pro-W, believe it or not). They’ve made Al Gore into a walking joke among Comedy Central viewers. Yes, they bash the Catholic Church a lot and they have some cutting remarks about redneck Americans and country music…but their episodes bashing Richard Dawkins and atheism are far more vicious, and amazingly composed.

And they really, really loathe hippies. Really. Like, even more than me. Can’t blame them. Their native Colorado has about the worst hippie infestation I’ve ever seen. There’s really no hope for that place.

Anyway, that brings us to Cartman’s brief commentary about abortion in the other night’s episode – don’t worry, nothing horribly NSFW in this clip (though there is plenty in the whole episode, which you can find here if the clip isn’t working):

Surprisingly, well, good. Hmm. This isn’t a pro-life clip, but it obviously ridicules the idea that abortion is anything but a cop-out that sacrifices another human life to an individual’s whim.

There’s no reason to think that Parker and Stone meant anything by this other than the context of the joke…but still. It’s something. And it’s good.

Thanks to South Park Studios awesome redesign, you can now watch a whole collection of clips with the Abortion tag. Most of them are either mocking the selfishness of the people involved, the ulterior motives of those seeking the destruction of human life (particularly the stem cell episodes), or in some cases, using brutally accurate descriptions of abortion to make a gag joke.

I seriously doubt the South Park guys are pro-life. I just think they have a low tolerance for B.S. from either side. And in this case, most of the B.S. isn’t on our side.

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