One Last Sunday

by Benjamin Domenech on 9:44 am August 21, 2008

(Originally posted in December of 2002 – It’s Hall of Fame induction time, and it reminded me.)

My goal is not only to end a career but to be launched into a future that produces a light and carries out the purpose of God. With all this great joy, something in my heart has always said, ‘Is that it?’ You have given me a great platform and a great community to do what I believe … to change the world for all that is good, right and Godly.

How’s that for an exit quote? Darrell Green’s last game was a rush of emotional and sometimes bizarre plays,  as the classiest guy around suited up for the last time. The memories of reporters and fans filled the day, and the end to the Cowboy’s 10-game winning streak was just icing on the cake. The Skins even denied Emmitt Smith the measly 38 yards he needed for another consecutive thousand yard season. He rushed 18 times for a total of 13 yards. 13 freaking yards!

Wilbon says it best: “I want to be like Darrell Green when I grow up.” Not the player – but the man.

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