Oped: Evolving Standards of Politics

by Benjamin Domenech on 11:18 am June 30, 2008

My most recent oped over at the Washington Times concerns Barack Obama’s rapid political evolution on the issues of gun rights and the death penalty. An excerpt:

The second case, of which the Beltway population is very well aware, concerned the first decision in over a century that determines the scope of the Second Amendment´s protection for an individual right to keep and bear arms. On this matter, Sen. Obama had been equally definitive. Just this November, when asked by the Chicago Tribune about their candidate´s opinion, the campaign responded that “Sen. Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.” In the Illinois State Senate, he voted to ban gun shows, supported limiting citizen´s right to purchase guns, opposed allowing retired police officers to have the right to concealed carry, and opposed protecting homeowners who fire upon an intruder in self defense from lawsuits. To this day, he supports overriding state laws with a nationwide federal ban on concealed carry permits.

On this matter as well, Sen. Obama evolved. In this case, the word the campaign chose to use was “inartful.” “That statement was obviously an inartful attempt to explain the Senator’s consistent position,” spokesman Bill Burton told ABC News.

Barack Obama, it appears, does not know the Barack Obama who believed the DC gun ban, the most extreme in the nation, to be constitutional.

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