The NFL Draft: NFL Network pwns ESPN

by Benjamin Domenech on 11:49 am April 30, 2008

>> I was in Puerto Rico for Draft Weekend, so I missed it.  And I didn’t get to see my normal load of college football this season, so I have few informed opinions about the Redskins’ picks.  But if I had watched, it’s a good thing I get NFL Network – it sounds like the ESPN coverage was just atrocious. Not that this should surprise anyone – Costas really should host his next town hall meeting on whether or not ESPN is ruining sports – but it’s clear that NFL Network really has gotten better when it comes to covering these big media events.  ESPN just puts their normal chemistry-lacking cast up to yell at each other in their Ron Jaworski-patented “I’m talking on Television” voices, while the NFLN actually talks about the draft picks for teams other than the Cowboys – and they’re funnier, too.  Well, maybe not funnier than Peyton Manning going nuts on his o-line.

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