Big Daddy Drew Nails It To the Effing Wall

by Benjamin Domenech on 7:54 pm April 14, 2008

>> This is NSFW, but it couldn’t possibly be more accurate: “This isn’t about selling out. This is about people in the mainstream media failing to recognize the fundamental difference between privileged sportswriting and the kind of **** you find here on Deadspin, and why the latter is important. And the fact that people like Reilly continually try and disparage it (and can’t even think of a new metaphor to do so) serves only to put them at an even greater distance from the general sporting public. It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s what makes it all the more annoying. Then again, maybe it can’t be avoided. Maybe the people covering sports now are just as distant from the fans as the athletes they cover. It’s no coincidence the bulk of ESPN’s programming now involves sportswriters talking to one another. They’re the only people they can identify with. You certainly aren’t part of the conversation. In the introduction to “Johnny U,” Tom Callahan wrote, “That’s the thing sports will never get back. Once, the players were one of us. They lived right next door. They don’t anymore.” And neither does Rick Reilly.”

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