John McCain’s Daughter has Good Taste in Music

by Benjamin Domenech on 4:37 pm March 15, 2008

>> John McCain’s daughter Meghan has excellent taste in music. I don’t just say this because she’s tapped excellent selections from The Fratellis, The Moldy Peaches, Phoenix, Band of Horses, The Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney and Alexi Murdoch in her last two playlists – she’s also got Blur, Clarence Carter, Nina Simone, The 88, Seu Jorge, The Von Bodies, Elliott Smith, Jay Z, Elastica, Thelonius Monk, The Flaming Lips, Spacehog, The Doors, Remy Zero, The Clash, Goldfrapp, The Cure, The Who, Chet Baker, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. I have no idea about her politics, but hey, if she ends up losing out on the first daughter stakes, she really ought to DJ.

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