John Hodgman Does Politics

by Benjamin Domenech on 12:41 am March 7, 2008

>> I knew John Hodgman, known to the unwashed masses as “PC Guy,” known to the slightly washed latte-sipping triumvirate who enjoy The Daily Show/McSweeneys/and archly ironic almanac-like creations (yes, 2/3rds of that is me) as The Expert in everything, has a blog. You can find it here. It is surprisingly political – while the “Mac Guy,” Justin Long, was urged to be a fan of Ron Paul by political bigwigs such as John Mayer, it is clear that Hodg-man is passionately for Obama, and even intends to leave the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton is the nominee. Yet while political, the site is also quite funny. So read on, and be smarter for the experience.

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